Detailed weather statistics for Økteren, store, Skien (Vestfold og Telemark)

  1. Applies to Oestafjells

    Thunderstorms have been observed. The thunderstorm is expected to continue until tonight. There are large local differences in intensity. Some places will not experience any thunderstorms.

    Yellow severity - moderate danger
    Orange severity - considerable danger
    Red severity - extreme danger
    The colour tells you how severe the situation can become (

    InstructionsStay up to date on the development of the weather and the weather forecast. Monitor the weather radar or Adjust driving speed according to the road/weather conditions. Seek shelter. Avoid open plains and large trees. Do not swim or bathe.

    ConsequencesLocally heavy rain showers. Danger of damage to object(s) as a result of lightning strikes.


    1. Thursday July 29, 2021 06:00 - Increasing danger
    2. Thursday July 29, 2021 20:00 - Danger is over
    Map of frequent lightning ongoing, yellow level, Oestafjells, 29 July 04:00 UTC to 29 July 18:00 UTC.

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